Comprehensive Earthquake Protection & Decay Repairs

Community Reconstruction Solutions handles earthquake protection, decay repairs, and more for clients near Burlingame, California. Ask about maintenance options as well, so you can stop an issue before it even starts.

Seismic Upgrades

Many buildings weren't designed to withstand strong seismic activity, an occurrence that's becoming all too common in California. Retrofitting your building to today's standard building code will keep you and others in the structure safe from soil shifts and earthquakes.

Decay Repair

By the time you notice decay, the wood has typically lost substantial strength already. Our specialists will first find and remove the source of moisture. We can then remodel and improve ventilation and drainage before replacing the wood.

Building Envelope Repairs

Keeping the look and feel of your property attractive for years to come is important. We achieve this through siding and trim replacement, window and door replacement, and repairs to your deck, balcony, and stairs to name a few. From partial repairs to complete upgrades, we help your property reach its maximum value.


We are experts in re-coating, deck waterproofing, caulking, painting, and other handyman services. This work includes maintaining the structural integrity of the building(s) to keep your investment's value strong.

Contact us today to hire a licensed and experienced contractor for seismic upgrades. We proudly serve clients in Burlingame and areas within 100 miles, including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa.